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Life Events

A summary of the main services people need at certain milestones in their life, such as having a baby, going to school, starting a business and preparing for retirement.

LE - Baby - S1

Having a Baby

Information for expectant parents about the public services available during pregnancy, birth and early childhood.

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LE - Company - S1

Starting a company

Key information for people who would like to start their own company.

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LE - Retirement - S4


As you approach retirement there are a number of things to keep in mind.

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LE - Moving - S1


Advice and practical information for moving within the country and abroad.

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LE - Jobs - S1

Entering the Job Market

Starting a new job is a big step, whether it's your first time or a new workplace.

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LE - School - S1


The Icelandic school system, studying, student finances and housing, etc.

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