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All of Iceland's public services in one place

Life Events


Business Owners & Independent Contractors

Setting up a company, payroll, bankruptcy, certifications, business licenses, workplace health and safety, etc.

Civil Matters & Personal Rights

Religion, elections, crime and punishment, legal competence, human rights, etc.

Consumer Protections

Goods and services, legal recourse, product safety, etc.


School systems, vocational training, grants, student loans, etc.

Family & Social Welfare

Parental leave, custody matters, the elderly, changing relationship status, name and gender, etc.

Finances & Taxes

Debt, taxes, documentation, credit, etc.


Sick pay, prescription medications, medical licenses, public health, etc.


Home ownership, renting, property taxes, mortgages, real estate, etc.

Immigrating to Iceland

Residency permits, work permits, citizenship, national ID number, etc.


Fleet information, fishing management, harbor authorities, agriculture, regional development, etc.

People with Disabilities

Diagnosis, financial support and rights

Services on Í

Inbox, centralized log-in system, assigning a representative, etc.

The Courts & Justice System

Incarceration, criminal records, settlements, legal fees, etc.

The Environment

Civil protection, natural disasters, fishing permits, pollution, wildfires, etc.


Passenger transport, aviation, airports, ships, etc.

Travel, Passports & Living Outside Iceland

Obtaining a passport, European Health Insurance Card, working abroad, etc.

Vehicles & Driving

Driver's licenses, license plates, vehicle sales, registration, traffic accidents, trailers, etc.

Wage Earners, Workplace Rights & Pensions

Unemployment, vacation days, sick leave, workplace protections, etc.

News and announcements