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  • IceKeys are issued by Digital Iceland.

  • More options have been added since the beginning, so that now companies may also use the Icelandic National Portal login service, and some service providers allow an IceKey holder to authorise someone else to handle matters for them.

  • Note: When you order an IceKey, you will get a password that has been formed by joining three words out of an Icelandic dictionary. These words will be chosen randomly and may be in various grammatical forms. Although Digital Iceland has ruled out words which might cause offence in some way, it is difficult to avoid meanings that may appear when three words are joined automatically and randomly. We apologise in advance, if there seems to be any offensive meaning, but please remember that you need to change your IceKey anyhow as soon as you use it.

What is an IceKey?

  • An IceKey is a password which is linked to the official Icelandic identification number of an individual or legal entity.

  • The first IceKey given to the individual or legal entity will be generated randomly by machine and will consist of three words from an Icelandic dictionary, separated by dots.

  • The user of the IceKey will be requested to change the original password when using it for the first time. The new IceKey will have to be strong, meaning it will need to contain at least 10 characters which must include numbers, symbols and letters. The special Icelandic letters are recognised as well, but no distinction is made between small and capital letters.

What is a multi-factor IceKey?

  • When access is given to highly sensitive material, additional security may be demanded upon logging in.

  • This added security is ensured by a multi-factor IceKey, which involves not only an IceKey but also a six-digit verification code that is sent as a text message to the user's mobile telephone.

  • Therefore, the first time that you use an IceKey to log in, you will be asked for a mobile phone number and an e-mail address for sending you such messages when more security is necessary.

Who can get an IceKey?

  • Any company or person, no matter what age the person is.

How can I get an IceKey?

  • Online through your personal banking site. Keep in mind that a child's IceKey cannot be sent to the personal banking site of the child's parent or guardian.

  • In an envelope mailed to your domicile, which will be the one listed at Registers Iceland.

  • In an envelope mailed to an Icelandic embassy overseas, where you can pick it up by showing your passport or driving licence.

  • At the Registers Iceland customer service centre, Borgartun 21, Reykjavik

    • Icelandic citizens who have reached the age of 18 must present a legitimate identification document such as a national identity card, passport or driving licence.

    • Citizens under the age of 18 must be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian who presents a legitimate identification document such as a national identity card, passport or driving licence.

  • Should none of the ways above be suitable to you, please contact the Digital Iceland customer service centre by telephoning (+354) 426 5500 or sending an e-mail to

  • Anyone with an eID, such as a debit card, can simply log into My pages at, choose Preferences, and have their IceKey generated automatically.

Where can I use my IceKey?

  • You can use it on the websites of many Icelandic companies, organisations, municipalities and other public and private bodies.

Get IceKey

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