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I've forgotten or lost my IceKey. What can I do?

  • You can simply order a new IceKey, to be sent either to your personal banking site or in an envelope to your registered address (domicile). Order an IceKey (in Icelandic)

  • Note that after you have ordered an IceKey, you will be unable to order a new one until two hours have passed.

Incorrect IceKey, the website says. What should I do?

  • Click the circle to the right of the IceKey box so that you can see what you type. Make sure no one is looking over your shoulder!

  • If your computer is a MAC, please note:The Safari and Google Chrome browsers for MAC will enter some of the special Icelandic letters (á, é, í, ó, ú and ý) incorrectly unless you click the circle to the right of the IceKey box before starting to type. We thus recommend that MAC users who are getting a new IceKey choose one without any such letters.

  • Note that if you type incorrect IceKeys more than ten times, the website will stop you from trying again until after midnight.

  • There is always a risk of typing characters incorrectly if they are hidden. This risk increases if you use any Icelandic letter which requires you to hit two keys, unless you can then see the letter on your screen. It is a good idea to look at the characters before clicking on Confirm, though first making sure no one is watching over your shoulder, so that your IceKey can stay secret.

I am unable to change my IceKey!

  • When you are making up a new IceKey, it will help if you can see what you are typing. The characters will appear if you click first in the circle to the right of the IceKey box.

  • As soon as the bar turns green, your IceKey has become strong enough. However, you do not need to let the green bar reach all the way across.

Where can I find the IceKey on my personal banking site?

  • The document you need to open is named in Icelandic "Íslykill frá Þjóðskrá Íslands" (IceKey from the National Registry).

  • The following lines indicate where you should click in the personal pages of each bank's website. Please keep in mind that you may have to wait 5 to 10 minutes for the document to appear online.

    • Arion Bank: Statements / Electronic documents / Type of document

    • Íslandsbanki Bank: Statements / Online statements / Type

    • Landsbankinn: Statements / Electronic documents / Type

Can I get an IceKey for my child through a personal banking site?

  • The parents or guardians of children are not permitted to get their child's IceKey sent to their own banking site. Of course, if the child has online banking access through her/his own identification number, the IceKey can be sent to the child's site. Otherwise, the IceKey will have to be sent by mail to the child's domicile.

How can I change my IceKey?

  • You will always have to change a new IceKey, and will be requested to do so the first time you log in with it.  

  • From then on, whenever you want to change the IceKey that you are using at the time, select My pages on A new window will open so you can change your preferences, and you will see there a button to click for changing your IceKey.

How can I change my mobile phone number and e-mail address?

  • For the time being, the only way is to apply for a new IceKey. You will have to change it when you get it, and can change your mobile phone number and e-mail address at the same time.

  • You do this by selecting My pages on A new window will open where you can log in with your eID card. You then select to change your preferences, whereupon you will see a button to click for making changes.

I ordered my IceKey by mail but it hasn't arrived yet!

  • Although we mail IceKeys by A Priority post, it usually takes two to three working days after you order one for it to arrive. For example, if you order one on Monday, it will probably arrive on Wednesday or Thursday.

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