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Vehicles & Driving

Vulnerability fee

The application of a VHS fee is levied on owners or holders of vehicles not meeting with the vehicles in a mandatory vehicle inspection within a given time limit.

Vorittal failure charge is 20 000 crores for all vehicles except for certain categories of buses, trucks and trailers, the fee for which is 40 000 kroner. After two months of loading, the fee will increase by 100 % to 40 000 kroner for all vehicles other than buses, trucks and trailers, the fee being 80 000 kroner.

Managing negligence charges

The county administrator in the Westfjords is responsible for the imposition and collection of the negligence charge for the whole country.

The current time is 10-12 working days. Fax: 456-1200. English language address:

VU inspection period

Headline survey

The month of inspection of the vehicle is based on the end letter of the vehicle registration plate. The deadline for the main vehicle inspection before the imposition of a negligence charge is two months from the month of the inspection.

Presented by: Sleeping vehicles to end 1

The study is to be conducted in January

  • General survey deadline is the end of March

  • if the vehicle is not being inspected by the owner, a cost-consuming fee is levied in April

  • Sleepless vehicles to end 2

The survey is to be conducted in February

  • General survey deadline of April

  • if the vehicle is not being inspected by the owner, a fee is levied in May

  • Sleeping vehicles to end 0

In October, a survey is to be conducted.

  • General survey deadline is the end of December

  • a fee for construction is imposed in January if the owner has not been able to bring the vehicle into the inspection

  • ID or number

If a vehicle has a single mark ending on a digit, the last digit is applicable

  • A home-carriage vehicle with a single mark ending with a letter shall be inspected in May. The deadline for the main inspection is the end of July and the fee for failure is imposed in August.

  • Icelandic Argyle cars, motor vehicles, motorcycles and trailers

The first vehicle is to be inspected before 1 August of the year of inspection.

The Icelandic Argyle cars should be inspected every two years. The year of registration shall be the year of the inspection for the year of registration and the year of withdrawal of the vehicle shall be the year of the inspection.

If an archive is built and not moved since the last inspection, it is recommended that it be built.

Review of the web

The deadline for the end of the following month shall be the one for the owner or keeper to be invited to the vehicle review.

Presented by:

Born-in-law review is carried out in January and the owner is invited to the review

  • review deadline for February

  • a fee for construction is levied in April if the owner has not been brought in by the vehicle under review

  • SHOULD after temporary delivery of registration plates

If a registration plate has been temporarily handed over to the owner or the vehicle operator to allow the vehicle to be moved for inspection, the time limit shall be one month from delivery. The focus is on the month-end.

Presented by:

If the owner receives a registration plate from the inspection office on 15 January, a negligence charge is imposed in March.

  • Layout of negligence charge

The notification of the charge of failure is sent to the owner or the vehicle operator.

If you visit the vehicle within one month of loading, you will be given a 50 % discount.

  • If the vehicle is de-registered for processing/disposal within two months of loading, the charge will automatically be dropped. It is possible to use the number plate without returning the number plate.

  • No half-discount is granted for payment only, a vehicle must be entered for inspection or registered from circulation within one month of loading to receive the discount.

If the fee has not been paid at the inspection post in the two months following the request of an online bank, the fee will be increased by 100 % for all vehicles.

Variable vehicle

If a vehicle is defective and cannot be inspected, the vehicle must be registered by the owner in order to prevent the failure of the duty. It must be done before the vehicle is to be inspected. This includes campers and such equipment that are in the winter storage room.

Wrong viewpoint

The mistake of sticking the wrong vehicle inspection sticker to the checkpoint is the vehicle record that controls the vehicle but not the sticker on the vehicle. In these cases the fee is cancelled due to the error of the inspection post. The district attorney notes that confirmation must be received from the district attorney's office.

What happens if I don't have my car checked out?

Possible consequences:

Police have the authority to cut the license plate number from vehicles not being checked.

  • Income collection actions for negligence charges entail additional costs incurred by the owner or the vehicle operator

  • The county may request financial training from the owner/instrument, and finally the forced sale of the vehicle for non-payment of the negligence charges.

  • A change of ownership cannot be carried out if the vehicle is not charged.

  • Source: Related Acts and Regulations