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An application for postponement or cancellation of a neglect charge

An application for postponement or cancellation of a neglect charge

An application shall be made for a deferral or cancellation of the imposition of a default fee before it is imposed. It is not possible to apply for a deadline or cancellation if more than two months have elapsed.

You can apply for a deferral of the default fee for the following reasons:

  • The registered domicile of the owner / occupier is more than 80 km from the nearest inspection station.

  • The vehicle is outside Iceland but within the European Economic Area and received a valid inspection there before the charge was levied. Confirmation of the inspection must be sent to the Icelandic Transport Authority.

  • The inspection center closest to the legal domicile does not have equipment for inspecting vehicles weighing 3.5 tonnes or more.

  • Due to age (75 years and older) and / or chronic illness of the owner or occupant of the vehicle (medical certificate or equivalent documents must be presented).

  • The owner / occupier of the vehicle has died.

  • Disability - based on legal domicile (valid if immobility has lasted for 2 consecutive weeks before assessment).

  • Other special reasons. Rationale and explanations must be provided.

The deferral of the levy is not granted for the following reasons:

  • Poor finances of the owner / occupier.

  • The person in question has received a payment adjustment.

  • The owner / occupier was not aware of the rules on the imposition of a default fee.

  • The owner / occupier could not inspect the vehicle due to absence.

  • The cancellation of the default fee is only possible if the registration of the vehicle or other information that accompanies the imposition of the fee is incorrect.

  • Please note that a time limit is only granted for one month from the levy or a maximum of two months from the levy if the legal domicile is more than 80km away from the inspection station.

If the request is denied

If a request for a time limit or cancellation is rejected, a type: entry-hyperlink id: 8pZXPQi2eITIQ4YOO2dj4. A request for a review must be received within two months of the assessment.

If you do not have an electronic ID, type: entry-hyperlink id: 7yIwuWIFlKNB1M0yXb9f5L

An application for postponement or cancellation of a neglect charge