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Driving assessment for a full driving licence

Form for driving assessment (in Icelandic)

A driver with a provisional licence must undergo a driving assessment before he receives a full driving licence.

Provisional licence renewal – full driving licence issued

The provisional licence is valid for three years. This period can be reduced. The driver can be issued with a full licence after 12 months if at that time he has not received points due to traffic offences, and has passed a driving assessment. If the driver does not wish to take advantage of this authorization or if the conditions are not fulfilled, the provisional licence is valid for the full three years.

After three years the driver receives a full licence if he fulfills the above conditions. If he does not, however, he will be reissued with a provisional licence for three years.

What is a driving assessment?

The driving assessment will examine whether the driver's assessment of his driving abilities, driving behaviour and safety is consistent with his actual abilities. The aim of the driving assessment is for the driver to understand his abilities and responsibilities for safety as a driver.

Who does the driving assessment?

Driving assessment is done by a licenced driving instructor. The driver decides who does the driving assessment for him and pays the driving instructor for the assessment according to his tariff.

How is my driving assessed?

The driver first describes to the driving instructor, his own assessment of his driving abilities and safety in traffic. After that, the driver drives his own vehicle, while the driving instructor monitors the driving and comments on the items he/she considers to be positive and negative.

After driving, the driver describes how he feels about his driving and what he might have done better. The instructor compares the description of the driver with his results and discusses any discrepancies that may be present with the driver. The driving assessment generally takes 50 minutes, of which driving is around 30 minutes and about 15 minutes for discussions between the driver and the driving instructor on how to improve the safety of the driver.

Driving assessment outcome

After completing the driving assessment, the driving instructor confirms it on the form. This for shall be submitted with an application for a full driving licence after holding a provisional licence.

Form for driving assessment (in Icelandic)