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Reapplying for driving licence after disqualification

Apply for renewal of a driving licence after disqualification (in Icelandic)


A new driving licence costs ISK 8,000.

The provisional three-year licence is ISK 4,000.

Conditions for renewal

Provisional licence

A person with a provisional licence who loses their licence, must always retake a course and pass both parts of the driving test to get the licence back.

Full driving licence

If the disqualification is less than one year, you can apply to the police after the disqualification period to get the driving licence renewed.

If the disqualification period is more than one year, you will have to take a course and pass a theoretical and practical test to get your licence back.

If you're disqualified for a license for more than three years, you can apply for a renewal after three years. If you're applying to shorten the disqualification period, a confirmation from a police commissioner must be included when applying to the district commissioner.

If you lose your license for life, you can apply for a renewal when five years have passed. Confirmation by a police commissioner to re-establish driving privileges is required when the application is submitted to the district commissioner.

Revoking of driving licences

The police commissioner can withdraw driving licences if the conditions for having a driving licence are no longer fulfilled.

When driving licences are revoked, the driving licence is handed to the police.

Apply for renewal of a driving licence after disqualification (in Icelandic)