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“The role of a university is to promote creativity and the dissemination of knowledge and skills to students and to all of society.” From Article 2 of the University Act.

University level studies

Icelandic universities are centres of knowledge and part of an international educational and scientific community.

There are seven Universities operating in Iceland. There are four state universities and three private, non-profit organisations.

Those who intend to study at a university must have completed a matriculation examination (the Icelandic University Entrance Examination) or equivalent examination. Universities are permitted to set specific entrance requirements and to have students sit an entrance examination or status examination.

Students who have not completed the matriculation examination (Icelandic University Entrance Examination) or a comparable examination but who, in the opinion of the relevant university, possess equivalent maturity and knowledge may be matriculated.

Furthermore, universities following an approval by the Ministry of Education are allowed to offer preparatory study programmes for those who do not meet the matriculation requirements.

All further information concerning admission requirements and admission rules for the various university schools, including teaching schedules and curricula, application forms and information concerning tuition fees, can be found on the websites of the universities.

Distance learning is offered in several universities. There is ongoing co-operation among the universities and local communities, other universities and learning centres and continuous education centres and education centres in many places around Iceland. Further information can be obtained from the websites of the various university schools that offer distance learning.

Many people decide to get a university education abroad. It is important to be well informed about everything concerned with studying and residence abroad in good time.

Most students get loans to maintain themselves during university studies. The Icelandic Students Loan Fund (LÍN) is a lender of student loans. All further information concerning student loans may be found on the LÍN website.

University students are offered many types of grants for studies and research, here in Iceland and abroad. All further information can be obtained from the Office of International Education.