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Consumer Protections

The CE Mark

Products may only be put on the market in Iceland if their design, composition and processing do not present a hazard to the safety of humans, domestic animals or property.

The CE Mark

Various product categories include a stipulation that they carry the The CE mark. Products that fall under such directives must carry the CE mark as a prerequisite for the product being placed on the market.

The CE mark is a declaration made by the party responsible for the product that the product in question meets the basic standards of EU regulations applicable to the product in question. The CE mark is not a certification of the product's quality. For example, the mark does not indicate anything about the product's shelf life.

Toy labelling

Toys that may be a hazard to children under the age of three shall include:

  • a warning to that effect,

  • an explanation of the hazard that the warning specifically draws attention to and

  • information on the appropriate response, should the hazard materialise.

The label should be visual or in a text-based form, for example "Warning! Not suitable for children under the age of three!" All warning labels must be in Icelandic.

Laws and regulations

Service provider

The Con­sumer Agency