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Social-assistance housing

Those who have a limited budget or who lack housing because of other reasons can apply for social-assistance housing or other assistance from their own local community.

Social-assistance housing

People having problems because of lack of housing can obtain advice from the municipal social services on entitlements and available solutions.

Those who are in urgent need of housing and not able to provide housing for themselves due to social and financial reasons may be entitled to receive social-assistance rental housing, housing through lease purchase, or proprietary housing.

The residents of social-assistance rental housing may be entitled to housing benefits.

Application and allocation

You apply for social-assistance housing to the housing representative or the municipal social services using forms you can get from those services.

Social-assistance housing is allocated according to criteria relating to the applicant's family circumstances, social circumstances, income, and the value of their assets.

Local communities adopt further criteria of their own for the allocation of social-assistance housing and the administration or such housing. 

Appeals can be made to the social services regarding the decisions of the social affairs committees that dispose of cases involving social-assistance housing.


An applicant for social-assistance housing must be 18 years of age and have his/her registered domicile within the relevant municipality.

Housing allocations are determined by family circumstances, social circumstances, income and property.

Find out about the different rules applied by local communities regarding social-assistance rental housing.

Laws and regulations