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Finances & Taxes

Security net

Every financially able person is under obligation to support him/herself, his or her spouse, and any children under the age of 18. However, the subsistence of all the members of society shall be ensured. There are various measures that are available on the loss of employment or in other difficult circumstances.

Society's security network

If people are unable to provide for themselves, their spouses, or children under the age of 18, they can seek the assistance of the social services in the municipality where they have legal residence.

Each municipality is under obligation to establish its own rules on the implementation of financial assistance. Some municipal rules on financial assistance include provision for children, while others do not. The Ministry of Social Affairs has issued guidelines on the preparation of rules on financial assistance, which the municipalities can take into account.

There are also many who take out their own insurance against financial losses resulting from illness or loss of employment. Many banks and insurance companies offer policies that cover such eventualities.

With unemployment benefits, wage earners or self-employed individuals who have lost their previous work are ensured temporary financial assistance while they look for a new position.

If an individual has an accident, becomes ill or is exposed to other circumstances that permanently curtail his or her ability to work, that individual is entitled to disability benefits from the Social Insurance Administration (Tryggingastofnun, TR), provided he or she meets the conditions established for disability assessment.

Sick pay and accident allowance is paid for accidents or illnesses.

Laws and regulations