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Finances & Taxes

Payment difficulties

Anyone can encounter difficulties in their finances, and unexpected events can occur that have an effect on people's finances and livelihoods. Society provides a number of measures to address such problems. Most important, however, is to do something immediately.

The Debtors' Ombudsman provides consultancy, at no cost, to people with serious debt payment problems. The Service shall assist people in getting an overview of their situation and help them to make payment plans, choose remedies and act as liaison in agreements with creditors, if required.

The Housing and Construction Authority (Housing Financing Fund) offers several measures in relation to payment difficulties. The main options are negotiation, debt restructuring, payment delay and extensions of loan periods.

Those paying child maintenance can seek assistance from the Child Support Collection Centre if in default.

Banks and other lending institutions and financial undertakings provide advice on ways of resolving payment difficulties.

Applications may be made for legal aid from the composition board with the Ministry of  the Interior to meet the cost of ensuring composition with creditors.

Laws and regulations