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Lifelong learning

The role of lifelong learning and adult education is to strengthen people's ability and knowledge in work and private life.

Lifelong learning - adult education

Lifelong learning and adult education issues are not administered by a single ministry but rather by several. Courses are offered both within the education system and outside it.

Lifelong learning centres are operated in various locations in Iceland. Their role is to strengthen the variety and quality of education and encourage general participation.

Adult education is offered by lifelong learning centres, unions, companies, associations and others.

Lifelong learning – adult education comes in the form of a variety of courses that differ in length. A growing number of courses are available that can be taken concurrently with work and which are assessed by final examinations. All further information may be found on the websites of the institutions, companies, unions and educators in question.

Separate education funds are operated by unions and employers. Members can apply for refunds of course fees or grants for education.

Some institutions and companies participate in employee study expenses as well. All further information on refunds and grants may be found on the websites of the parties in question.

Companies and educators can apply for grants from the Ministry of Education for courses in Icelandic for their foreign workers. The courses are not part of general education at primary- and secondary-school levels.