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Job seeking

The Directorate of Labour service offices are public employment offices. Job seekers are provided with many different kinds of assistance in their job seeking, regardless of whether they are registered on the unemployment list. This service is free of charge.

Job seeking

Directorate of Labour service offices are located in various locations in Iceland.

You can register as a job seeker at the service offices and apply for jobs.

A job seeker can draw up a job-search schedule with assistance from a consultant, and receive advice on choosing a course of education and a job, how to prepare a CV, and other matters. Applicants for unemployment benefit are required to draw up such a job-search schedule.

People that are on the unemployment register are offered courses, on-the-job training, and other remedies intended to strengthen them in their job search.

Icelandic nationals may seek work in countries within the European Economic Area.

Privately run employment agencies have lists of vacant jobs, and they offer job seekers an opportunity to register and attend general interviews.

Laws and regulations