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Immigrating to Iceland

Au Pair Placement

Au Pair Placement

A family in Iceland may host a young foreign national (18-25) for a limited amount of time in return for a set of specific services. The individual coming to Iceland is seeking to improve language skills, possibly professional skills and broaden their cultural experience of the world by getting to know Iceland.

Au Pair Contract

Residence Permit

A person aged 18-25 may apply for a residence permit if they intend to come to Iceland and work as an au pair for a host family. This person may not have any family ties to the host family. The au pair is meant to provide light housework and childcare in return for spending money. They are not meant to take on a full household work nor receive paid wages.

Application for Residence Permit for Au Pair Placement

For more detailed information on this kind of permit, please see the Directorate of Immigration.

Termination of Au Pair Contract

If either party wishes to terminate the au pair contract, this declaration must be filled out and submitted.

Declaration of Termination of Au Pair Contract