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Traffic safety

There are various ways to obtain training and knowledge about traffic issues.

Traffic safety and road safety education

The use of studded tyres is prohibited as of 15 April to and including 31 October unless such tyres are needed due to driving conditions.

Traffic violations

Those who violate traffic rules are fined and collect penalty points in their driving record.

The penalty points are 1 - 4 depending on the nature of the violation. If 12 penalty points are collected within three years or less, the driver loses his driver's licence for three months.

Beginners with temporary licences are banned from driving after receiving four penalty points. Such ban applies until the offender has attended a special seminar and has passed the driver's test again. Beginners licences are revoked after 7 penalty points and must attend courses and take the driver's test again when the term of revocation ends.

In serious traffic violations, such as drink driving and speeding, the driver is not only fined, but also loses his driver's licence.

In the case of considerable or repeated drink driving, speeding or driving without a licence, the vehicle may be confiscated.