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People with Disabilities

Rights of People with Disabilities to General Services and Assistance

By law, the disabled are entitled to general services and assistance. They shall have equal rights and enjoy living standards comparable to other members of society.

Various services

The Center for aid equipment at the Social Insurance Administration is responsible for issuing aid equipment to the disabled, and provides consultancy services. The approval of the Social Insurance Administration is required for contributions towards the cost of purchasing aid equipment.

Parents of disabled children and those providing children with services can borrow specialized development toys from toy collections maintained by the regional offices. The offices also provide various other services and parenting advice.

Disabled children and their families can seek the services of a support family. A child can stay with a support family for two to three days a month.

The regional offices for the disabled provide further information on how to become a support family or obtain the services of a support family.

Summer camps for disabled children are available in some locations in Iceland and are run by local authorities, non-profit organizations, or individuals.

The disabled can apply for a parking card that allows them to park vehicles in parking spaces reserved for the disabled. Applications for such cards are processed by Chiefs of Police and District Commissioners.

Some of the larger municipalities operate travel services for the disabled. Such services must be ordered in advance. Rules on the number of trips and the charges, if any, for the service differ between municipalities.

Passengers with disabilities travelling by air are entitled to a certain degree of assistance, free of charge, to navigate airports, as well as to special arrangements during the flight.

Disabled people are offered social home services and social assistance by the larger municipalities.

Some municipalities offer sports and leisure activities and other types of activities for the disabled.

Laws and regulations