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Getting a National ID Number as an Immigrant

Every person who lives in Iceland is registered at Registers Iceland and has a national ID number (kennitala), which is a unique, ten-digit number. Your national ID number is your personal identifier and is used widely throughout Icelandic society.

Information About National ID Numbers

The first six digits of a national ID number show the day, month and year of your birth. Connected to your the national ID number, Registers Iceland maintains vital information on your legal domicile, name, birth, changes of address, children, relationship status, etc.

Foreign nationals living in Iceland are required to obtain a national ID number from Registers Iceland. ID numbers are necessary to access a wide range of services, like opening a bank account, registering your legal domicile and obtaining a home telephone.

For EEA/EFTA foreign nationals, your national ID number must be applied for in person at Registers Iceland or some police stations. For other foreign nationals, your national ID number is obtained as part of your residence permit through the Directorate of Immigration. For more information about applying and the required documentation please see the site on Registers Iceland.

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