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Illness - seeking medical assistance

Healthcare centres provide healthcare services to all. The centres provide the general public with services in the fields of general medicine, nursing and healthcare, and provide advice and guidance.

Seeking the assistance of a doctor

The emergency number 112 (one-one-two) answers all calls relating to emergencies and requests for assistance, and is responsible for all emergency services, round-the-clock and throughout the year.

Healthcare and standby services

Several options are available when seeking the assistance of a doctor or obtaining information relating to acute or long-term illnesses or minor accidents.

Contacting a healthcare centre or facility during service hours, i.e. daytime hours on working days. In rural areas, healthcare centre opening hours differ; some are open daily, while others are open less often. Further information can be obtained on the individual websites of centres and facilities.

Doctors have fixed telephone-assistance times in healthcare centres. Further information can be obtained from the centres' own websites.

The majority of healthcare centres in populated areas offer late-afternoon standby services for a few hours after the general service period ends.

The medical service provider Læknavaktin operates outside working hours on working days, weekends, and all public holidays. Phone-service is available 24 hours a day all year. Tel: 1700 and 1770.

The paediatrics services in Læknahúsid, Domus Medica, is open on working days into the evening and on weekends.

There is always a doctor on-call in healthcare centres and hospitals outside the greater Reykjavík area. Further information can be obtained from the individual websites of healthcare centres and hospitals.

Booking an appointment with the appropriate medical specialist.