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Consumer Protections

Complaints Committees

There are a number of complaints committees that handle disputes between buyers and sellers.

Complaints Committees

Consumers who wish to complain about a product or service shall first submit their complaint to the seller in question.

If no agreement is reached with the seller, consumers may appeal cases in certain fields to complaints committees This is a cheap and quick measure, although the consumer generally has to pay an appeals fee to ensure that the case is addressed. Such fees differ from committee to committee. If the consumer wins a case addressed by a complaints committee, the seller will refund the appeal fee.

If the consumer is unhappy with the ruling, he or she may continue with the case before a court of law.

The Insurance Complaints Committee handles disputes relating to liability, including culpability and the apportionment of culpability between the consumer and the insurance company.

The Complaints Committee on Transactions with Financial Firms

Appellate Committee for Electronic Communications and Postal Affairs

The Complaints Committee of consumer goods and services publishes its opinion on disputes relating to rights and obligations in consumer purchases, i.e. the purchase of goods and services.

The Ruling Committee in Travel Industry Matters addresses complaints relating to travel organised by travel agencies that are members of the Travel Industry Association.

The Complaints Committee of Tradesmen addresses complaints relating to real estate and the purchase of tradespeople's services.

The Complaints Committee of the Consumers' Association of Iceland and the Association of Dry Cleaners addresses complaints relating to the services of dry cleaners and laundries.

Lawyers' Disciplinary Committee addresses disputes between attorneys and their clients over fees, as well as complaints about attorneys' conduct.

The Complaint Committee on rental issues addresses all types of complaints arising between parties in the preparation or implementation of lease agreements. The committee may also address cases at its own discretion or following information received from others.

The Complaint Committee on multi-owner building issues addresses any disputes between the owners of apartment buildings concerning their rights and obligations.

The Complaint Committee on dentistry addresses complaints relating to the purchase of dental services.