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Request for Child Support

Payment of Child Support

The parent of a child who resides in Iceland, may request that the Social Insurance Administration delivers child support payments for their child once a child support order is in place. The Child Support Collection Center handles collection from the parent paying child support and the Social Insurance Administration delivers the payment to the parent receiving child support. The requirement is that the child lives with the parent making the request. Child support is paid until the child reaches the age of 18. It is possible to receive child support payments retroactively up to one year from the date all documentation has been received, if this provision is included in the child support order. You must apply through the user portal at the Social Insurance Administration website.

A child support order may be in the form of:

  • a certified agreement or decision issued by the district commissioner

  • a court order or court settlement

  • a foreign child support agreement 

The Social Insurance Administration handles the payment of basic child support only, which is an amount equal to a child pension. Any additional payments must be arranged for between the parents. This provision remains in effect even if the child support order stipulates a larger payment. In such cases the parents must come to an agreement on how the balance is paid.

Note that this application is available only in Icelandic. You may access it after logging into the user portal at the Social Insurance Administration (TR) website and then clicking on "Umsóknir" (Applications) and finally "Meðlag".

Request for Payment of Child Support (Icelandic)

Basic Child Support

Parents may not negotiate an amount of child support less than the current amount paid for a child pension as is determined by the Social Insurance Administration. This amount defines basic child support. Requests for a basic child support order are submitted to the district commissioner.

Request for Basic Child Support Order

Supplemental Child Support

Requests for supplemental child support order (150% of basic child support) are submitted to the district commissioner.

Request for Supplemental Child Support Order