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Vehicles & Driving

Registration and examination

All vehicles must be registered and examined before being taken into use. They must also be examined regularly while in use.


All vehicles imported into Iceland must be registered at the Register of Vehicles of the Icelandic Transport Authority. The information registered is the type of vehicle, owners, fees, etc.

Registration, in general, is as follows: the party importing the vehicle applies for pre-registration, is allocated a fixed number, the vehicle is cleared through customs and examined in an accredited inspection facility.

Vehicles are granted a fully valid registration, or new registration, when they have been examined and insured.

Applications may be made for specific lettering on a vehicles registration plates instead of the fixed number, i.e. personalised plates. A separate fee is paid for the allocation of such plates.

Registration certificates shall always be stored in the vehicle.

Deregistration and processing 

Cars may be deregistered if it is to be scrapped or exported.

Scrapped cars shall be turned in for processing at collection depots and special return fee is then paid by the Road Traffic Directorate or an accredited inspection office for the car.


Examinations of the condition and equipment of all vehicles on a regular basis by an accredited inspection office is mandatory.

Passenger cars, motorcycles and trailers shall be inspected for the first time three years after new registration and then on an annual basis as of the fifth year.

The last number on the registration plates of a vehicle indicates the month in which the vehicle shall be inspected. If the number on the registration plate end in 0, the vehicle must be inspected in November.

If the last letter on a personalised plate of a vehicle is an alphabetic letter, the vehicle shall be inspected in May.

Motorcycles must be inspected before 1 July.

If any comments are made on the condition of the vehicle, a second inspection shall be scheduled once such defects have been repaired. Re-inspections may be performed in accredited inspection offices and re-inspection shops.

Once the inspection is complete, and inspection label is place on the vehicle's registration plates. This label indicates when the vehicle shall be examined next.

Inspection labels may not be removed and inspection certificates shall accompany registration documents in the car.

If a vehicle is altered to the extent that its equipment is no longer in accordance with registered information in the vehicle registry, the vehicle must be examined. The registration in the Register of Vehicles is then changed accordingly.

Vehicles do not receive inspection labels if payments are in default or if the mandatory insurance is not valid.

If a vehicle has not been inspected on time, the police may remove such vehicle from active use by removing the number plates. The owner may expect to pay a special fee in such case.


  • Importing a car: Apply to the Icelandic Transport Authority (Samgöngustofa) for vehicle pre-registration when importing a car to Iceland.

  • Have your vehicle examined in a regular basis by an accredited inspection facility.

  • You risk having the registration plates removed from the vehicle if it is not examined on time.