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Healthcare services cover any form of healthcare, health controls, clinical analyses, medical treatment, nursing in hospitals, medical rehabilitation work, dentistry and patient transport.

Healthcare centres

Healthcare centres first and foremost serve the residents of the municipality or neighbourhood in question.

It is recommended that you register yourself and your family at the nearest healthcare centre or healthcare facility and apply for a GP.

Once the registration has been confirmed, you will need to grant the healthcare centre permission to access any past medical data.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities

Only healthcare employees may refer people to hospital for treatment and medical assistance.

In many places the hospitals and healthcare centres have been merged under the term 'healthcare facility'.

Other healthcare facilities include rehabilitation facilities, treatment homes, healthcare group homes, and work and nursing homes.

Geriatric institutions include daycare, assisted living residences, group homes for the elderly, service apartments for the elderly, nursing and residential homes for the elderly, and residential and nursing facilities in medical care establishments.

Employees in healthcare services

Healthcare services include a large number of healthcare professions with regulated professional titles and, in some cases, regulated fields of work, as well as people with specialist knowledge in other fields and those engaged in general work.

Many specialised doctors and specialists work both in healthcare facilities and in their own practices. The majority have reached an agreement with the Social Insurance Administration.

Alternative therapies

Healers practice health-related services outside the public healthcare system, i.e. provide alternative treatments.

Alternative therapies are based more on traditions and experience than tried and tested scientific results, and their aim is to improve people's health, alleviate suffering, reduce discomfort and encourage healing.

Laws and regulations