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Wage Earners, Workplace Rights & Pensions

Health and accident insurance

All residents of Iceland are insured by the social security system, subject to certain conditions and in accordance with the decisions of the Social Insurance Administration (TR). The insurance cover expires on emigrating from Iceland.

Health insurance

All residents of Iceland who have had legal residence here for the past six months have health insurance.

Those who are not insured but are resident in Iceland may be granted an exemption from conditions in some cases.

The Social Insurance Administration participates in meeting the costs of healthcare services that are outside hospitals and provided by doctors and other healthcare workers who have a contract with the Administration.

Health insurance pays part of the cost of general dentistry for children and adolescents aged 17 and below, old age pensioners, disability pensioners, rehabilitation pensioners, children receiving care benefits and people with mental disabilities.

Accident insurance

All wage earners, irrespective of age, who work in Iceland are insured for accidents in their work. The same applies to those engaged in vocational studies and practical training, to those participating in sports for recognised sporting associations, and to those involved in search and rescue operations.

Benefits from accident insurance include medical assistance, accident allowance, disability compensation and bereavement benefits. Contributions are made by the Social Insurance Administration (TR) towards the cost of medical assistance for, among other things, medical treatment, medicinal products and dressings, stays at medical care establishments, physiotherapy and patient transportation.

Patient insurance

In the event that a patient suffers physical or mental injury as a result of medical treatment or research, the patient insurance entitles the patient to benefits in certain circumstances.

Laws and regulations