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Family & Social Welfare

Extraordinary Child Support Contributions for Education

The general rule is that a parent's obligation to support their child financially ends when the child reaches the age of 18. According to article 62 of the Children Act, however, a parent may be made to pay extraordinary child support contributions for education or vocational training until the child reaches age 20. It is the child themself that makes the request and determines how the funds are used.

The child and the parent who is obligated to support them financially may devise their own payment arrangement to contribute to the child's education or vocational training. The district commissioner must validate the arrangement before it comes into effect.

If an arrangement cannot be reached, the child may request a decision from the district commissioner on the parent's obligation to pay a support contribution. According to article 62 of the Children Act, the provision for an extraordinary child support contribution for education is allowable but not obligatory, so the district commissioner will make a decision based on the financial circumstances of both parties.

Note that this application is available only in Icelandic. You may access it after logging into the user portal at the Social Insurance Administration (TR) website and then selecting "umsóknir" (applications) and finally "Framlag vegna náms".

Application for Extraordinary Child Support Contribution for Education (Icelandic)