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Vehicles & Driving

Digital Driver's License

Apply for a digital driver's license

For Android Phones

  • Log into the application with your digital credentials

  • Choose EN for English at the top of the page (if the page is not already in English)

  • You must give the application process permission access your information in the driver license records

  • Click on "Stafrænt ökuskírteini" (Digital Driver's License)

  • Read the instructions on the screen and send your application

  • Scan the QR code or click on the link (Android users will need to install a wallet app/SmartWallet in their phones if they haven't already)

  • Agree to allow the license to be saved in your phone's wallet

The link to download your digital license is valid for only 24 hours after it has been send. If you don't download the license within that time you'll have to apply again.

  • Download a wallet app for your phone. For example, you can use the Icelandic SmartWallet app.

  • Open the wallet app and scan the QR code you received from the application process

  • Add the digital license to your wallet app in your phone

  • When you want to use your license, just open the wallet app and show your license

Are you getting an error message when you apply?

If you get an error message when you apply, it might be because data is missing the the driving license records, for example, a picture. This is often the case with people holding old licenses on paper issued before 1998 and not the newer plastic licenses. In this case you'll need to contact your district commissioner to renew your license to the updated version.

Once you have an updated license you should be eligible for a digital license.

Apply for a digital driver's license