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COVID-19 Relief – Government-Sponsored Programs

Do you need to apply for a relief program?

The government of Iceland has introduced a range of programs in response to the pandemic to provide direct relief for individuals and companies. Use the links below to learn more about current and future programs as well as access applications.


Operations for

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Programs for Individuals

A Range of Programs to Assist Individuals

Programs for individuals offer support in a diversity of ways, including grants, payment deferrals, VAT reimbursements and the option to draw on private pension savings. These programs seek to support family welfare and maintain employment.

Programs for Business Operators

Diverse Programs for Business Operators

The aim of these programs is to keep companies viable once business activities resume. They include grants for closure, revenue loss and general relief, as well as hiring grants, loans, payroll in quarantine, partial unemployment benefits, payment deferral and assisted financial restructuring.