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Vehicles & Driving

B-category and first driving license

Apply for a drivers license

Iceland has a car test age of 17 years and is the day when the participants turn 17. Driving lessons can start at the age of 16.

The drivers license provides general driving rights in category B.

The first driving license is valid for 3 years. The renewal of the license shall be valid for a period of 15 years.

Conditions for issuing a driving license

  • Have reached 17 years of age

  • Have adequate vision and hearing

  • Be physically and mentally fit to drive a car

  • Have passed a practical driving test with a certified driving instructor

  • Have passed a written driving test

  • Have permanent residence in Iceland

Further information on the conditions for issuing driving licenses in Regulation no. 830/2011 on driving licenses.

Driving lessons and driving permits

Driving license application

Before starting studies, a prior application for a permission to attend is needed. This is done by filling in an application for a drivers license. The applicant must be present to the clerk himself. The choice of driving instructor and driving school has to have been made when the application is handed in.

Accompanying documents
  • Passport photo (35 x 45 mm) of the applicant, on photographic paper, without markers and stamps and background shall be monochrome. It is not permitted to send a photo electronically and it is not possible to use photos that have been taken for use in passports.

  • If the person wears glasses or lenses, has impaired vision or reduced field of vision, a medical certificate from a general practitioner must also be brought. An ophthalmologist's certificate is not sufficient.


It costs ISK 4,000 to submit an application for a driving license.

Driving Lessons

The first step in the driving course is to talk to the driving instructor that the student chooses.
According to the curriculum, the number of hours should be a minimum of 17 hours. A common number of hours is between 19-25 hours.
The fee for the practical training is paid directly to the driving instructor.

Driving School

Theoretical studies in driving school must be taken at the same time as driving instructor lessons.

The driving school is divided into 3 courses.

  • Ö1 is a theoretical course that must be completed before practice driving with an instructor begins.

  • Ö2 is a theoretical course that must be completed before taking the written exam

  • Ö3 is a practical course that takes place shortly before a driving test, which simulates the demanding driving conditions. In exceptional cases, for example if a student lives abroad, Ö3 can be taken during the first three years after obtaining a provisional certificate.
    Curriculum and further information about the driving course are available on the website of the Icelandic Transport Authority.

Driving book

The driving instruction book is a communication and information book for all those involved in the student's driving instruction. The book must be included in all teaching hours, both theoretical and practical. It is submitted to the district commissioner when applying for a training permit and also upon arrival for an exam. Examiners certify in a driving textbook when a student passes a written and practical driving test.

Practice driving with an instructor

When driving school 1 and at least 10 practical driving hours have been completed, you can apply for a driving license. The driving instructor assesses whether and when the person needs to be ready to start practice driving and confirm this with a special signature.
An application for a driving license can be found in the driving instruction book.
In practice driving, the student practices driving a normal car with an instructor who is often a parent or guardian.

Licenses for instructors

In order to obtain a license as an instructor for practice driving, the following conditions must be met:

  • Have reached 24 years of age

  • Have valid driving licenses and at least 5 years of driving experience

  • Have not had a similar driving license or been punished for a criminal offense in the last 12 months.

  • After practice driving, take a few hours again with the driving instructor in preparation for the test.

Driving test

A driving test can be taken when the student has received a exam permit from the district commissioner and the driving instructor has confirmed that satisfactory driving instruction has been taken.
Driving test is divided into written and practical part. It is not possible to take the practical test until the written part has been passed.

Written exam

The written exam may take a maximum of 2 months before the examinee reaches the age of 17. The exam is a multiple choice and is asked in material taught in the driving school and book. The student receives the results immediately after the end of the exam.

Practical test

To be able to take a practical test, the student must have completed at least 15 driving lessons with a driving instructor and completed driving schools 1, 2 and 3.
In the practical test, the examiner starts by asking the student about various things that concern the car itself and then drives on certain test routes. The student will know at the end of the exam whether he has passed it or not.


Fees for written and theoretical exams are paid directly to the driving school.

Drivers license

Provisional license

Upon completion of the study and passing the exams, the student will be issued the first driving license, which is a so-called provisional license.
The temporary license is valid for 3 years and during that time you need fewer points to lose your driving license. If a driver with a temporary license has not received a point for traffic offenses or has been disqualified from driving for 12 months, he can request a driving assessment from a driving instructor.

Permanent license

If the person in question passes the driving assessment, he or she must fill out an application for a certificate of completion.

More about driving licenses on the website of the Icelandic Transport Authority.

Apply for a drivers license